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An enjoyable reading

Bride by Royal Decree: A Marriage of Convenience Romance (Wedlocked!) - Caitlin Crews

The second book tells the story of Magdalena, who everyone believed she was dead. In fact, she was taken to the United States, where she survived an accident in which she lost her memory, and was found in that state, wounded, on a highway. He spent her life in foster homes, so she had to harden her exterior to survive. But in reality she is a very sensitive girl who dreamed of being a story princess rescued by the king and queen to live happily in their castle. She did not remember that she was actually a princess! As an adult, had worked in several places, being dismissed from all. At the time of beginning the story, she worked as a waitress, and in her place of work presents King Reza ... Maggie's fiancé from childhood!

Of course, Maggie makes it difficult for Reza, but ends up agreeing to go with him to the summer residence of his family. Already there, they did a makeover on her, they train and educate her to return to be the princess that she was in her childhood, and to assume the royal role as queen consort of her future husband. In that process, the sparks between Magdalena and Reza ignite and the passion seizes them.
And that was Reza's problem. Coming from a marriage in which his father had committed suicide for the love of his lover, he saw love as an impediment to be able to rule a country accordingly. For Reza, the Crown and its people went first of all, especially above love. It is then when Maggie shows her carats as a woman and teaches Reza that he can have a life and a marriage full of love while ruling the country as it deserves.

Difficult to read

Expecting a Royal Scandal - Caitlin Crews

Cairo Santa Domini is the heir to the throne of Santa Domini. Thinking that it was the best thing for his people, living under a dictatorship, he's always creating scandals around him. He feels guilty about the "death" of his sister (book 2), and considers he's not the king that Santa Domini needs. In order to finish disenchanting those who saw him as the hope of the country, he decides to marry in a marriage of convenience with the woman most unsuitable for the role of queen consort: paparazzi beggar, Brittany Hollis.

Brittany was a girl who lived for the covers of the magazines and scandals were her way of life. She had married three times for convenience, the purpose of which was to earn enough money to be able to retire young to an island in the Pacific, away from everything and everyone. At first, she rejects Cairo, but then accepts her proposal because the money she gets from will make her wish come true. What she did not imagine was that union turns into an attraction impossible to forget... And the secrets begin to come to light.
I found this first delivery very difficult to digest. First, Brittany's reasons for making money didn't convince me at all. I mean, what woman wants to be famous and be a millionaire appearing in the magazines as a prostitute? On the other hand, although it is a noble gesture to earn money to help his family (parents, siblings, uncles, cousins, etc.), at some time she desires that her younger sister turns 18 to stop keeping maintain the lazy family she has. On the other hand, the attitude of the family, especially Brittany's mother, is somewhat hypocritical. They publicly criticized Brittany, but accept the money sent by her. How nice...
I consider that the motives of Cairo are more altruistic in comparison with Brittany, but at the same time that demonstrates he's a weak man. The fact that Brittany imposes him to take the throne on behalf of their unborn child it makes it clear.
As a couple they are perfect to each other, of that there is no doubt. The chemistry between the main characters and one of Brittany's secrets are the best thing in this story.

An intense, steaming and alluring story

Her Sinful Secret: A scandalous story of passion and romance (The Disgraced Copelands) - Jane Porter

I love the way Ms. Porter creates such intense and stunning stories. This is the third book of The Disgraced Copeland's series, and though I didn't liked the previous book, I love this one!!


Logan won Rowan at an auction/charity event. Since then, the chemistry between them explodes and they finished spending the night together. The morning after, Rowan found out that Logan was Daniel Copeland's daughter (who was kidnapped because he had a Ponzi scheme that stole millions from people) and he hated him and his family because his father took the fall for Daniel at one point. He treated Logan so cruelly she never wanted to see him again (he called her a slut also), but that night had consequences and she tried few months later to communicate with him. He rejected her for the second time, and Logan decided to raise their kid alone.


Three years later (and here's when the story starts), Logan's father was killed by his kidnappers and she's in danger. And who will protect her from that people? Rowan, of course!!


The story is strong, steamy and hot. The writing was intelligent and very alluring. The scene transitions were flawless. And the way the story is developed is excellent. Why I didn't gave it 5 stars? Because there were some questions without answer in this book. Why the siblings were so apart when they needed to be together after Daniel's fall? Why Bronson (Logan's only brother) had to deal with the mess Daniel left alone? Why Victoria and Morgan (Logan's other sisters, Morgan is her twin) didn't get along? This last question I hope to get answer for it in an eventual book, which bring me to my last question... Why the ending of this book got me the feeling that this was the last time we will hear from the Copelands?


In conclusion, this book is incredibly spectacular. Looking forward for Bronson (he REALLY deserves a happy ending!!) and Victoria's stories... If the author writes them —I'm praying for that!! Highly recommended.

A thrilling dark romance

Blaire - Anita Gray

*Book given by the author for an honest review.*


Thanks to books like this, I love dark romances more every day.


This book is a rollercoaster of emotions. Intense, alluring and provocative, as we travel through Blaire's life as Maksim's property and her relationship with Charlie. This triangle keeps you reading (I didn't finished the book the same day I started because I didn't had enough time to do it) and makes you ask for more. Great scenes and fluid transitions between them (though I found it a bit slow in the middle of the story, the only reason I didn't gave it 5 stars), Blaire is a good choice for dark romance lovers. Highly recommended.