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An intense, steaming and alluring story

Her Sinful Secret: A scandalous story of passion and romance (The Disgraced Copelands) - Jane Porter

I love the way Ms. Porter creates such intense and stunning stories. This is the third book of The Disgraced Copeland's series, and though I didn't liked the previous book, I love this one!!


Logan won Rowan at an auction/charity event. Since then, the chemistry between them explodes and they finished spending the night together. The morning after, Rowan found out that Logan was Daniel Copeland's daughter (who was kidnapped because he had a Ponzi scheme that stole millions from people) and he hated him and his family because his father took the fall for Daniel at one point. He treated Logan so cruelly she never wanted to see him again (he called her a slut also), but that night had consequences and she tried few months later to communicate with him. He rejected her for the second time, and Logan decided to raise their kid alone.


Three years later (and here's when the story starts), Logan's father was killed by his kidnappers and she's in danger. And who will protect her from that people? Rowan, of course!!


The story is strong, steamy and hot. The writing was intelligent and very alluring. The scene transitions were flawless. And the way the story is developed is excellent. Why I didn't gave it 5 stars? Because there were some questions without answer in this book. Why the siblings were so apart when they needed to be together after Daniel's fall? Why Bronson (Logan's only brother) had to deal with the mess Daniel left alone? Why Victoria and Morgan (Logan's other sisters, Morgan is her twin) didn't get along? This last question I hope to get answer for it in an eventual book, which bring me to my last question... Why the ending of this book got me the feeling that this was the last time we will hear from the Copelands?


In conclusion, this book is incredibly spectacular. Looking forward for Bronson (he REALLY deserves a happy ending!!) and Victoria's stories... If the author writes them —I'm praying for that!! Highly recommended.