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An enjoyable reading

Bride by Royal Decree: A Marriage of Convenience Romance (Wedlocked!) - Caitlin Crews

The second book tells the story of Magdalena, who everyone believed she was dead. In fact, she was taken to the United States, where she survived an accident in which she lost her memory, and was found in that state, wounded, on a highway. He spent her life in foster homes, so she had to harden her exterior to survive. But in reality she is a very sensitive girl who dreamed of being a story princess rescued by the king and queen to live happily in their castle. She did not remember that she was actually a princess! As an adult, had worked in several places, being dismissed from all. At the time of beginning the story, she worked as a waitress, and in her place of work presents King Reza ... Maggie's fiancé from childhood!

Of course, Maggie makes it difficult for Reza, but ends up agreeing to go with him to the summer residence of his family. Already there, they did a makeover on her, they train and educate her to return to be the princess that she was in her childhood, and to assume the royal role as queen consort of her future husband. In that process, the sparks between Magdalena and Reza ignite and the passion seizes them.
And that was Reza's problem. Coming from a marriage in which his father had committed suicide for the love of his lover, he saw love as an impediment to be able to rule a country accordingly. For Reza, the Crown and its people went first of all, especially above love. It is then when Maggie shows her carats as a woman and teaches Reza that he can have a life and a marriage full of love while ruling the country as it deserves.